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Previous Grants provided by:
The Community Foundation of Frederick County, MD,
Sports Boosters of Maryland

Previous Contributors
City of Frederick Department of Recreation
East Alco Frederick
First Horizon Mortgage Corporation
Frederick Medical and Pulmonary
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC-Frederick)
State Farm Insurance
Every Child Counts Campaign Membership

We at BCWB are very excited about our service to the youth of Frederick and the surrounding counties.  Over the years many of you were instrumental, in providing financial and volunteer support towards another successful year. 

Our "Every Child Counts, Campaign" will strive to ensure that there is a low cost or free, drug free and safe activity available to every youth within the county as an alternative to idle time and socially unacceptable interaction. 

This year you can continue to ensure the success of our programs by becoming a member of our "Every Child Counts Campaign".  The "Every Child Counts Campaign" will help shape Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries services to our communities.  You will also help in providing a stable source of funding upon which Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries, Inc. depends to continue improving our programs and to take our services beyond social boundaries. 

Today, the Board of Directors invites you to become a member of our "Every Child Counts, Campaign" to help perpetuate Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries, Inc. active role in our communities.  The generosity of you and other "Every Child Counts Campaign" members will sustain Basketball Coaches Without Boundaries, Inc. as an invaluable community resource for every child we serve.   Click on button below to make a donation.


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